• Learning How The Mac Works
    Anatomy of a Mac
    Storing and Finding Files
    Resizing the Text
    Folder and File Organization
    How to use the Dock, Spotlight, Launchpad
    Sidebars or Not
    System Preferences
    Saving and deleting files
    Setting up users and guests
    Keyboard shortcuts
  • Apple Software That Comes With a Mac
    Text Edit, a mini-wordprocessor
    Saving battery life
  • Other Software
    Installing and Uninstalling Applications
    How to decide what software you need to get.
    Pages, Numbers, Keynote
    Microsoft Office for Mac
    Adobe Reader
    Other web browsers such as Firrefox, Chrome
    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom
    Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Making a Website
    Learn what you need to set up your own self-hosted WordPress website. You will be able to add and change your own photos, blogs and other content yourself once it is set up, or I can turn over the whole thing to you to manage. and keep up to date. This website is created with RapidWeaver which I love, but it has to reside and be maintained on one Mac. You would not be able to update pages yourself. To get started, download my website creating questionnaire. This will help us in our planning. Contact me with further questions and to get started doing.
  • Using Other Devices
    Thinking about getting an iPad or iPhone? Want to learn more about what they do first. Or are you a new user and just need to feel more comfortable with it. I can help you.