I have tried to group the examples of my work in a logical way. I can't figure out if catalogs and newsletters even have a relationship, but here they are together here. I started doing full color catalog work when the images were taken with film cameras and scanned with huge digital scanners before I silo'd out the backgrounds. Hours and hours of clipping paths. Then putting the pages together on the computer based on sketches made by the art director in charge. In early 1990's I decided I was a production designer and loved to work with other artists to help them bring life to what they could visualize. I loved making catalogs. Printed catalogs are a challenge and an expense now that it is relatively easy to create a catalog with web tools, but I suppose there is still a place for the printed piece on someone's desk or bookshelf. The image gallery can be viewed as a slideshow by clicking on one of the little squares, wait for it to open larger, then click on the triangle link at bottom right. Alternatively you can manually advance the list of images by clicking the dots below or the arrows on the sides.