The image gallery can be viewed as a slideshow by clicking on one of the little squares, wait for it to open larger, then click on the triangle link at bottom right. Alternatively you can manually advance the list of images by clicking the dots below or the arrows on the sides. Of course brochures were popular in the 80's and 90's everyone wanted one and everyone with a printer in the office or at home wanted to make their own. I always seemed to have higher standards in those days and wanted to do more than slap some words on the paper. When I went to work at the Maine Department of Agriculture in 1999, the days of color printing being too expensive "for government work" were almost over and I jumped into using color wherever I could. Some people thought it was extravagant to print a brochure with more than one color. It turned out not to be so in this era of digital printing. Is print dead yet? I don't think so, but instead of print *or* epub formats, it is now print *and* epub and PDF and Kindle and iBooks and print on demand and audio books. Instead of one dying out, it seems the new and the old are a compatible mix. Kind of like the people doing the work. Eh?