Just a quick slideshow of some of the work I did while at Agriculture. Actually I was just playing around with how this slideshow works. Captions will show up at the top right on top of the image if you hold the mouse over the image area. They go away if you move your mouse off of the image. Controls to stop the slideshow appear at the bottom. Some of these images become rather redundant.


maple map
Cover for map to Maine sugarhouses during the annual Maine Maple Sunday event.


beef expo poster
This was a poster to advertise the annual Beef Expo held in Maine until it was replaced by the Northeast Livestock Expo that exists today.


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Using USDA statistics I mad this pie chart into something more interesting (to me at least).


get real marketing piece
Inside spread of a four page marketing piece inserted in several larger Maine newspapers. There were four of these seasonal inserts. Sponsored in part by a full page ad on the back that I didn't design.


maple map
Map to sugarhouses on Maine Maple Sunday one year.


cover image
Cover for Fall insert.


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