Finding Maine Food and Farms guide
I spent nine years working for the Maine Department of Agriculture, where I combined my past farming, design and business skills, I was the Marketing Publications and Web Coordinator for the Market and Production Development Division (now defunct) where I managed a database of Maine agricultural food and farm producers, produced a yearly collection of printed consumer and wholesale buyer publications, guides, maps and posters.

I started Finding Maine Food and Farms, (the statewide directory of food and farm producers and processors selling direct to consumers which is still being revised every year), the Maine Maple Sunday Map, and the Maine Wholesale Buyers’ Guide to Maine Food, among others.

I also managed and coordinated the the Maine Department of Agriculture's web site,, and the marketing web site sponsored by the Department of Ag, which offered an interactive search linking consumers with Maine producers and offering maps to their farms or stores.

I was fortunate to be able to spend time on my own as well as on the job learning more about coding, html, css, accessibility and what it was like to be a small part of a huge team working on an enterprise-level website.