ad for the tour weekend in 2010
I actually "retired” from my Department of Agriculture public service for the state of Maine in 2008 and went to work part time (and as a member of the store-opening team), at the Maine Mall Apple Store. That was three years of mad, mad love and craziness that I left when I moved out here. I miss it and have fond memories. You can read the good-bye letter I sent to all my Apple co-workers, most of whom have since left the store too. I keep up with most of them on Facebook. As the store opening ream we have a special bond. (Oh, I don’t know if some of them would admit it, but I think most of them would.)

Anyway, this page is about how, at the same time, I also started working part time for Maine Fiberarts, a statewide nonprofit arts organization in Topsham, Maine, dedicated to putting Maine fiber art and farms literally and figuratively “on the map” and where I continue to update and manage this website I created in Joomla.

in 2013 I set up an additional website using WordPress for Maine Fiberarts, called the “Fiber Folio” and you can see it here. In addition to posts about Maine fiber sites with commentary and beautiful photos taken by my boss, Christine Macchi, I’ve added a few places I have visited here in the Pacific Northwest with my own amateurish photos.

In the “Work” section of the menus above, and in many of the drop-downs, you can see some of the other recent and past marketing materials I have created for Maine Fiberarts since 2007.

At Maine Fiberarts, we have recently been combining the three main activities of our website into what we are calling a “digital fiber arts tour” with its own URL, Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, we are in the process of widening the scope of this feature.