• Stacks Image 1789
    Postcards and Mailers. The front of a postcard announcing one of the exhibitions at Maine Fiberarts.
  • Stacks Image 1790
    Maps and Inserts. This was the map showing locations of maple syrup houses open to the public.
  • Stacks Image 1791
    *Posters.* The beef expo eventually evolved into the combined livestock expo.
  • Stacks Image 1795
    Ads. This was run in a yearly promotional magazine for the state of Maine.
  • Stacks Image 1797
    Logos. This was from the first year of NELE.
  • Stacks Image 1799
    Newsletters. This is just a front page of many.
  • Stacks Image 1801
    Charts and Forms. Jazzed up agricultural data from USDA.
  • Stacks Image 1803
    Brochures. This was the cover of a list of open farms and studios.
  • Stacks Image 1805
    Catalogs. This is a page from full color catalog for The Belted Cow Company.